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BEST HAIR CARE CAP: The SLAP (Satin Lined Cap) is the original Satin Lined Beanie Cap. Created and Designed by Grace Eleyae GE in the USA. She created the SLAP to help to to keep your hair hydrated and soft to the touchin any type of environment. A stylish satin lined cap is the secret behind great-lookinghealthy natural hair. Silky cap protects your hair from breakagemaking sure it looks its best without the frizz.
HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Sleep caps for women help keep your hair moisturized. It cares for your Hair by holding in the Moisture and keeping your hair smooth Day or Night your hair retains its natural moisture during your night time sleep. Satin lined caps made of soft and stretchy jersey materialwhich makes it work with most hair types and textures. While this Slap cap helps to minimize damage and breakage.
SOFT INTERIOR: Slap cap interior is a ComfortableSoftNon-abrasive weave that will keep your hair looking natural. Soft satin helps retain the moisture in your haireliminates breakage while sleeping. Keeps your hairstyle fresh and frizz free. Prevents tanglesbreakageand dry damaged hair during sleep.
PERFECT HEAD COVER: Medium Size 10.75 in long with plenty of Stretch - 21 (relaxed) to 28 inches (stretched). Looks stylish and fashionable. Lightweightsoft and perfect cap size with lightweight jersey covering the full head and highly Comfortable to wearworks well for use during Chemo for hair loss and breakage as well. Highly recommended for many uses.
DESIGNED FOR ALL TYPES OF HAIR: Grace Eleyae GE slap caps was created for all types of hair: curlyfrizzystraightflyawayour caps protect and restore your hair. Designed by Grace Eleyae GEthe creator of the Satin Lined Cap / SLAP.

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