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  • Enhance the look of your dark spot in two weeks
  • Noticeable difference in brighterclearerand firmer skin
  • Non-irritating and lightweight for sensitive skin
  • Use as daily serum (suitable for both AM/PM)
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Mild Formula

Cold Press Technology

Our technology allows us to extract only the active natural ingredients that are good for skin benefits. We use no heat during this process and brew fresh ingredients at low temperatures for 120130 hours to retain more nutrients for our products.

Melanin Level Satisfaction Results

Melanin is at the core of most blemish concerns. Based on a Melanin Level Enhancement Testour serum is proven to help prevent the increase in melanin levels. Within the first 2 weeks62% of users found their blemishes to appear lighter. The satisfaction rate jumped to 91% after 4 weeks.

Why green tangerine

Available only four weeks out of the whole year,

green tangerines contain 10X more fresh and concentrated natural vitamin C than regular tangerines.

How to use

After cleansinggently apply an appropriate amount on your face and neck before using cream. Use twice a day.

Beauty Tips

For areas that need extra careapply up to three (3) layers of serum and leave on overnight.

High satisfactionhigh efficacy

Trust our users that say they are highly satisfied with their improved skin results after just two weeks of using our serum

[IMPROVE SKIN IMPURITIES AND BRIGHTNESS IN 2 WEEKS] Our Vita C Dark Spot Serum+ targets impurities (dark spotsblemisheswrinklesfine linesuneven skin tonedullness) and prevents signs of aging in as little as 2 weeks. Its advanced formula corrects the innermost layers of the skin even before the hidden impurities surface.
[NOTICEABLE RESULTS] Based on a consumer panel test of users with a variety of skin typesin just 2 weeks95% of users felt their skin was brighter and clearer.
[10x MORE VITAMIN C IN OUR SERUM] Our Vita C Dark Spot Serum+ contains 70% of green tangerine extract full of vitamin C derivatives. Green tangerines contain up to 10x more vitamin C than their mature counterpartsand we

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