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Bath Fizzy for Kidsthe child -safenon-sudsing formula is ph balanced. Fills Tub with a natural scent as it bounces and bobs while fizzing away to reveal a pop-up surprise. Sulfate free and non-toxic. PH balanced (5.5) to be gentle on skin and non-irritating to eyes. Phalate-free certified natural fragrance. Paraben and hydantoin (formaldehyde) free. Contain no synthetic fragrances or animal by-products. Made for ages 3+. Made in the USAin our own factory in WatsonvilleCA. Ingredients: Citric AcidSodium BicarbonateSodium SesquicarbonateCarthamus Tinctorius (Safflower/Carthame) Seed OilFragrance/Parfum

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