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While cleaning your teethresidue from your mouth and gums builds up on your Sonic Blue toothbrush head over time. A clean toothbrush head allows greater distribution of the GO SMILE blue lightwave technologyfor optimal whiteningantibacterial actionand better oral hygiene overall. The built-in antibacterial bristles change from blue to white in color to remind you to replace the brush head regularly. This package includes four (4) brush heads.

Replace brush head every month to ensure most effective whitening and cleaning
REFILL: Brush head is the only replacement part needed for the GO SMILE Dental ProSonic Pro and Sonic Blue Teeth Whitening Systems. No expensive mechanical parts
DIRECTIONS: Gently squeeze the sides of the brush head currently on your GO SMILE toothbrush. Pull head away from handle. Slide new head in place until bottom of brush head firmly meets the toothbrush. (no gaps).
Antibacterial bristles bristles change color (from blue to white) to indicate when it

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