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glycolic acid

ALL NATURAL AHAs - A glycolic acid peel is a chemical peel made from a naturally occurring fruit sugar acid called an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). It works by gently peeling and exfoliating the most damagedoutermost layers of your skin stimulating the cells to grow new skin cells and produce collagen.
MULTI-PURPOSE REJUVENATING TREATMENT - This facial skin peel treats many skin issues including moisturizing dry skintreating discoloration and age spotsrepairing scarsdecreasing fine lines and wrinklesand rejuvenating the skin's surface via increasing the rate of cell regeneration.
GENTLY EXFOLIATES - This professional grade chemical peel lightly exfoliates and removes the olddamaged and dead cells from the top layers of your skin. It loosens and gently sloughs off the bonds that hold them together so that new cells can replace them and give your skin that much-needed glow up.
MOISTURIZES & INCREASES COLLAGEN PRODUCTION - Even though glycolic acid peels dry out the skin on purpose when exfoliatingit actually draws in moisture to the newly exfoliated surface increasing the firmness and thickness of your skin's layersin turn promoting an increase in collagen production.
BREAKS SKIN DOWN TO BUILD IT UP - Don't worry if red splotches and patches appear on your face after using this skin peel. This is normal and means that the peel is actually working. Glycolic acid will break down and exfoliate your faceremoving the dead skin first for new growth to take place.

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