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GENTLEclean Benefits:

This ultra gentle cleanser is safe for all skin types and removes eye makeupdirt & oilfoundationall while infusing skin with calming nutrients like Sea BuckthornChammomileGoldensealand Vitamin C Bioflavinoids. ZERO pore-cloggersZERO toxinstotal nutrition. Please enjoy!

  • Good all skin types including drymaturesensitiveblemish-pronecombination and normal
  • We made this product because everyone needs a great cleanser! This blend is nourishingnon-dryingsmells amazingand even gets rid of mascara and foundation. No need for additional cleansing products!

How to Use:

  1. Wet face with lukewarm water (never hot!) Heat kills skin cells.
  2. Apply a quarter-sized amount to your wet palms. Lather well; bring hands to face. Begin to gently massage cleanser into skin using circular motions (pressure should be light-medium). Massage into skin for 30-60 seconds. Use this time to take several deep breaths of the custom herb & fruit aroma. We Complete Makeup + Oil Removal - This blend is nourishingnon-dryingsmells amazingand even gets rid of mascara and foundation
    Superfood Skin Nutrients - Give your skin total nutrition with Vitamin C Bioflavinoids - Zero pore-cloggers & Zero toxins!
    Vitamin Infusion & pH Balancing + Calm - Infuse your skin with calming nutrients like Sea BuckthornChamomileGoldensealand Vitamin C Bioflavinoids
    Highest Quality Ingredients - Formulated with only the highest quality natural & organic ingredientsand nothing more. CLEARSTEM chooses not to compromise the formula with added chemicals to artificially hide normal variations in the color of the ingredientsor perfumes to cover up their natural scent
    Made in USA & Cruelty Free - CLEARSTEM Skincare Products are Proudly Formulated right here in the USA in a GMP certified facility and Never Tested on Animals!

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