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300 ml / 10.1oz

FRUDIA discovered the wisdom of true beauty from fruitswhich are naturally occurring antioxidants. Protecting seeds and nurturing new lifefruits are a rich repository of nutrients that even protect the beauty of flowers as they bloom. After 30 years of dedicated research by the scientists at WelcosFRUDIA has now found a way to make your skin nurture and glow as well.

My Orchard Peach Real Soothing Gel

Contain 92% pure aloe extract from Jejuthe green island

Slightly acidic soothing gel full of fresh nutrition of 99% pure peach

-High-pure squeezed nutrition

-Hypoallergenic prescription

  • Low pH moisturizing soothing gel
  • All-in-one soothing gel available for all areas
  • Skin irritation test completed
  • Cruelty free
  • 99% pure peach extractwhich is effective for relieving the thirst of skinIs rich in nourishment to prevent dryness
    Quickly recover the fatigued skin by refreshingly soothing sensitive and irritated skin
    Slightly acidic mild soothing gel is available from babies to adults
    FACE + BODY +HAND +HAIR all-in-one soothing gel
    Watery gel texture smoothly applies to and refreshes the skin

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