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Are you still worried about not being able to effectively exfoliate Do you still remember the pain caused by other Korean exfoliating gloves Are you still annoyed that it willbreak after being used only a few times and become unusable Choose our latest upgraded version of Korean exfoliating gloves to help you deal with exfoliating distressed

Why is this product right for you

Sophisticated workmanshiplovely pattern embroideryterry cloth cuffs on the inner layer ofthe bath towel are comfortabledetailed workmanshipfit the wrist

The outer surfaceparticles are small and not roughthe fabric is skin-friendlyusing a comfortable fabricsoft and skin-friendly

Easy to clean and more convenient to reuse again laterthe product has a hook design on the side foreasy storage

Dimensions: 9.25 inches x 5.51 inches

Add to cart now and getall the benefits of this authentic Korean exfoliating scrub bath glove!

Korean Italy Towel is made of high-quality burlap and cotton and linen materials. It is healthy and tastelessfeels comfortabledoes not shrink due to washingand can easily and efficiently remove cutin and sludge.
Korean Exfoliating Mitt is suitable for all types of skin (especially dryoily or rough skin). It is very suitable for cleansing and removing cutin and sludge on the neckshouldersfeet and other parts.
Easy to clean and easy to reuse. A hook is designed on the side of the product for easy storage.
Take a bath or shower for 3-5 minutes before scrubbing. After the dirt is softuse Korean Exfoliating Mitt to scrub and remove the dirt. The exfoliation effect is better.
Exquisite workmanshiplovely embroidery patterns. The inner layer is made of terry clothand the cuffs are comfortable and fit the wrist. The surface is friendly to the skinand the particles are small and not roughallowing you to bid farewell to the pain of friction from now on.

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