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Facial masks come in handy in helping us maintain the natural soft texture if our facial skin. The sheer importance of this brings about the need to have a reliable facemask that makes it possible to replenish your skin naturally to ensure it looks radiant and thus beautiful. In comes our Argane Achifae White Clay Facial Mask. Our face and body skin mask is derived from the natural and enriched rhassoul clay elements found in the Atlas Mountains of the Morocco. We use expert dermatologists who employ the knowledge of ancient North African women to come up with this white clay mask for your use.

Our product comes to you as a paste to ensure that you cab save on time that would otherwise be used in mixing the ingredients to come up with the mask that you need to apply. Count on our product to offer you unrivalled convenience when compared to other products on the market. Available in a portable containerthis 100% pure White Clay paste is what you need to remove impurities from your skin in a convenient manner. It is fit for use on your face and your entire body for detox purposes to ensure healthy skin.




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