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Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel

Luxuriousanti-aging facial cleansing gel provides an exhilaratingpeachy clean freshness to help produce a beautifulfreshyouthful-looking complexion. An advanced exfoliating and cleansing action helps diminish the appearance of fine lineswrinklespores and other signs of aging. Ideal for all skin types except sensitiveincluding drynormalcombinationoily and sun-damaged. Effectively cleanses poresdissolves makeupemulsifies oil and helps improve the look of skin texture as it chemically exfoliates with Glycolic and Salicylic Acids. Brightening botanicals help clarify the look of skinleaving it with an ultra-cleanrefined and revitalized appearance.

Key Ingredients

Glycolic Acid (AHA)

Works as a chemical exfoliator to help improve the look of skin texture.

Salicylic Acid (BHA)

Works as a chemical exfoliator to help improve the appearance of problem skin.

Citric Acid Extracts

PeachWhite Oak BarkLemonLimeLindenGrapefruit and Arginine Extracts help to brighten skin -

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