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Are you still worried about the big round faceedemasagginglarge bite muscle

Are you still worried about the double chin caused by fat accumulation and the increasing number of wrinkles on your skin

Our face lift tape will help you to solve these problems well!

Product Advantages:

  • Fast effectjust apply to the skin and you can quickly lift.
  • Ultra-thin and transparentno need to worry about being seen.
  • Effectively eliminate double chin and wrinkles.
  • Breathable and skin-friendlynot cause any damage to the skin.
  • An alternative to traditional medical aesthetic surgery.
  • Helps you to create a V-face without fear of embarrassment of big face
  • A beautiful assistant for your daily social life.

  • How to use:

  • Makeup before the pasteface to keep clean and freshwill be more firmly attached.
  • Generally stick close to the ear near the betterand then covered with hair will be completely invisible!
  • Press 1 while lifting the skin (do not be overly hard to liftwill not stick tightly fall off)and then pull tight 2 stick.
  • Press 1 and 2 fixed 3 secondsit is best to wait 3 minutes before removing the blue arrow protective film.

  • Caution:

    Make sure your skin is clean before use.

    Don't pull too hard and too longwill affect the fit effect.

    Don't apply to infected skin or wounded areas.

    If your skin feels uncomfortableplease stop using.

    Lift Immediately: Simply stick the face lift tape to the area of skin that needs to be lifted for quick results and firmer-looking skin. Lasts up to 8 hours.
    Invisible Sticker: Ultra-thin transparent facial stickersthe tape is invisible when applied to the skindo not worry about what others find.
    Hide Wrinkles And Double Chin: Quickly helps to hide wrinkles in the neckeyescheekbone area and double chin to make you look young and beautiful.
    Breathable & Skin-friendly: Breathable and anti-allergic materialnon-irritating to the skinelasticitysafe and mildcan be used with confidence.
    Magic V-Face: When attending important occasions or partiessimply stick it to your cheekbones before makeup to instantly enhance the shape of your facewithout fear of embarrassing your big faceand create your V-face charm.

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