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Fabric's 2-step skincare kit for men makes it easier for every man to enhance his skin looks. The kit includes a 1.6 oz face wash and a 1.6 oz face moisturizer. For step 1 wash your face with the face wash. After drying your skinmove to step 2 and apply the face moisturizer.

Each bottle has an air-pump mechanism that extracts the exact amount you need for daily usage. Each kit should last for 60 days.

Our products are completely toxin-free. They are made of superior formulaswith top-notch ingredients such as Centella AsiaticaSage extractHyaluronic acid and more. We crafted our kit to both bring great results and to also have a wonderful smell while doing so - Fabric has a unique blend of natural essential oils with zero artificial fragrances.

Our Key Ingredients

Tiger Grass (Centella Asiatica) for Skin Recovery

Not many skincare products has this highly-esteemed ingredient. Tiger grass can do wonders to your skin and is highly helpful with hydration while also help with soothing and rejuvenating the skin.

Anti-Aging Sage Extract

Sage extract is a natural and non-artificial anti-aging agent. It also helps with reducing spots and wrinkles due to its Vitamin E and and calcium.

Anti-inflammatory Vitamin E

This key ingredient we all heard aboutbrings many benefits with it. Among them is Vitamin E's help with reducing UV damage caused by sun exposureits anti-inflammatory qualities and even to some extent the anti-aging qualities it has due to its antioxidants.

Organic Jojoba Oil

Every quality skincare product should contain a natural oil as one of its main ingredients. Fabric's products have an all organic jojoba oil for an ideal smooth complexion for the skin.

Easy 2-Step Wash & Hydrate Daily Skincare Routine: Upgrade your look with Fabric's easy skincare routine. Start your morning with our face wash for fresh and clean skin. Thenafter drying your skinadd a layer of our face moisturizer for proper hydration.
Skin Recovery with Tiger Grass: Fabric's products contain Tiger Grass (also known as Centella Asiatica)a medicinal herb from the far east. This super-ingredient has healing capabilitiesantioxidant propertiesand contains anti-inflammatory abilities. It's a super-ingredient that assists the skin with recovery.
Toxins Free Skincare: Say goodbye to toxins in your skincare. Most skincare products today have parabenspetrochemicalsSLSsulfatesand other toxic chemicals. Fabric has none of those.
Cruelty Free Skincare Products: Support cruelty-free products that were not tested on animals. All Fabric skincare products are PETA-approved.
TSA-Approved Skincare Travel Kit: Take our skincare set with you when you travel. Our face wash and face moisturizer are TSA approved and can be carried in your hand luggage.

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