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EZO Lower Denture Cushions hold lower dentures tight with Vacuum GRIP. When dentures are newthey grip with a natural vacuum. Over timegums can recede and dentures can slip. EZO denture cushions help recreate the natural vacuum that keeps dentures in place. Made of pure cotton flannelparaffin wax and corn oilEZO denture cushions add extra cushioning with no bad taste or odor and last up to 24 hours. 15 Lower Heavy Denture Cushions per Package More About Dentures and How EZO C

Safety Information

When using this product: Use not to exceed 6 weeks duration. For temporary use until a dentist can be seen. EZO cushions should be changed daily. Use only 1 cushion at a time on each denture. EZO cushions should be used only with full lower dentures. Consult your dentist: Use of ill fitting dentures may seriously impair healthcausing permanent bone loss and irritation.


A temporary aid to hold loose dentures.


Corn OilFood ColorParaffin WaxPure Cotton Flannel.


1. Rinse the EZO cushion a few seconds in warm water to soften it. 2. Hold dentures with teeth down and back part up. Center EZO cushion on dentures and press into groove. If necessarytrim EZO with scissors to fit denture. 3. Place dentures in mouth and bite firmly. Hold for about 2 minutes. You will feel the cushion conform to your gums. To Clean: Lift cushion from denturerinse in cold waterthen rinse in warm waterreturn to denture. Repeat above step 3 after each cleaning.

Temporary aid to hold old dentures
Custom fit
Vacuum grip for better hold
No unpleasant odor or taste

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