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Item Type: Eye Massager
Color: Pink
Heating Temperature: About 45C
Power Supply: USB Charging
Battery Type: Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity: 600mAh
Battery Model: 403048

Product Mode:
Massage Mode: Blue light low frequency vibration
Magnetocaloric Lifting Mode: Red light high frequency vibration + hot compress

1. Press the first keythe default is "massage mode"the LED shows blue lightthe sensor bar is held tightlyand the massage head will work when it touches the skin. The vibration amplitude is: low frequency vibration.
2. Press the second key to switch to "Magnetic Thermal Lifting Mode"the LED light shows red lightthe sensor bar is held in handthe massage head will only work when it touches the skinand the vibration amplitude is "high frequency vibration"

How to Use:
Hold the body lightly and turn on the instrument. Place one finger on the sensor bar and place the eye beauty machine probe close to the skinit can be used. It can be used with serum and moisturizing cream; when the eye beauty machine probe leaves the skin the instrument can stop working automatically.

Package List: HOT COMPRESS THERAPY: Stereo heating core with constant temperatureintelligent temperature controlthree-dimensional heating. Soothes the skin of the eyesimproves dark circles and pockets under the eyes.
DOUBLE-FREQUENCY AMPLITUDE: low-frequency blue light vibrationmassage and soothing of the skin. Red light high frequency vibration + hot compresslift and tighten the skincare for the eye skin.
EMS TREATMENT: Micro-stimulate the muscle massage to restore the elasticity of the eye and corner muscles and tighten the skin from the inside out so that the lines of the face are clearer to remove the fine lines from the eyes and eyes Corner of the mouth
INCREASE THE EFFECT OF SKIN CARE: The facial massager intensifies the effect of your favorite serumsface creams or essential oils. Promotes collagen remodeling to restore skin elasticity and prevent fine lines.
COMPACT & COMFORTABLE: Our anti-wrinkle massager is ideal for eye massagealso for gifts. 600mAh large capacity batteryfast chargingpractical and convenient. Light and easy to carryperfect to take with you on vacation.

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