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Loofah Sponges

Made from natural grown loofah gourdsour Loofah Sponges provide a gentle daily exfoliating experience. Our economical multi-packs allow you to stock up and replace them when the time comes. Remember to soak your loofah sponge in water before using it for the first time.

Exfoliating Body Pad Features: 100% natural luffa and Terry clothnon-stickycompact skin. Skin exfoliationdeep cleansingregeneration and polishing make skin look radiantsmooth and healthy. Deep body cleaningface and back scrubbing sponge. bath sponge mens is mildsafe and effective for dry or dead skin. Both men and women can use it. It scrubs well and needs to be softened with water for a period of time. Then it's very suitable for showers or baths. A tape used to slide a hand under the hand rather than grasp it.

How to clean

Your loofah should be cleaned once a week. Every few weeksLuffa is soaked in 5% bleaching solution and rinsed thoroughly. Note: Bacteria can enter your skin through any incision or incisionso you should not use your towel gourd in the affected area within a few days after shaving.Natural Luffa should be replaced once a month. If you find mold on it or produce mildew or mildewplease replace it immediately.Your loofah should be cleaned once a week. Every few weekssoak the loofah in a solution of 5 percent bleach and then rinse thoroughly.

Dry it daily: After using your loofahremove it from the moist shower environment and leave it somewhere with enough airflow to completely dry it out between uses. If you want to be extra cautioussoap up the loofah and rinse it out on its own after washing yourself and before letting it hang to dry.

Avoid use after shaving: Bacteria can enter your skin through any sort of nick or cutso you shouldn't use your loofah on the affected area for a couple of days after shaving.


1. Please change it every four weeks.

2. Soak in water for a period of time before use.

3. Wash by hand only.

4. Rinse thoroughly after each use.

What is loofah

Loofah is a kind of net-like bodyinterwoven with multiple layers of filamentous plant fiberslight and strong. It is made by traditional crafts and used in bath products and daily necessities. It can effectively remove dust on the skin surfaceremove excess oil in poresexfoliate keratinpromote blood circulationand accelerate metabolism. It is also a commonly used Chinese herbal medicineand its medicinal properties can reduce inflammation and sterilization. At the same timeit has a good preventive and health care effect on skin diseases.

Before usesoak in warm water for about 1-2 minutes to make it soft and expand.

On the side of the loofahuse your favorite liquid or soapand then gently make a rich foam and rub the whole body to remove dust from the skin.

After each usewash and hang the loofah mat in a ventilated place to dry for next use.

Warm Tips: In order to keep your skin healthy and avoid bacterial growthit is recommended to replace it regularly every three to four weeks.

On the side of the loofahuse liquid or soapit will produce rich foam.

Wash dishes with loofahnot only clean but also do not hurt your hands.

Loofah can make your skin sparemove dead skin and surface oilso that the skin becomes smooth and tender.

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  • LOOFAH IT 100% NATURAL MATERIAL:loofahsLuffa Pad is made of 100% Natural Luffa Sponge and Terry Cloth. loofah sponge face is non-toxicskin-friendlysoft and natural without chemical composition. loofah scrubber Size: 4*6 inches. loofah sponge body Package includes: 3* Luffa mat.
    MULTIFUNCTIONAL:Men bath sponge Remove cutinmake your skin smooth every day; make your skin more tender; dredge channels and collateralspromote blood circulation. Deeply clean skinremove cutinremove acne and blackheadand make skin feel silky and smooth. Strengthen your skin and health. Remove dry or dead skinreduce blemishesremove acne and blackheadsand naturally improve skin health.
    EASY TO USE: Soak In Water To Become Soft Before Using;Dry In The Air Afer Using.Elastic hand strap and soft terry cloth backing allows for easy all over body scrubbing.suitable for most people. The most natural way to clean the skinwith a youngcleansmooth and revitalized lasting effect. luffa sponges men can be easily scrubbed all over the body.
    LOOFAH NOTE: exfoliating spongesloofabody spongeloofah spongeHand wash only! Please change it every 4 weeks! After using the loofah roperemove it from the wet shower environmentleave it in a place with enough air flowand completely dry between the two uses. If you want to be extra carefulyou can wash the towel gourdthen rinse it yourselfand then let it dry.
    OUR PROMISES:To provide the finest productsinformation and service for a great experience. You will have healthier and younger looking skin using this product. If for any reason you are not satisfiedyou will get your money back. We strictly follow Amazons return policy.

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