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Cotton Collection Exfoliating Gloves are the perfect way to add a little extra self-care to your bath or shower routine. Exfoliating will help improve skin circulation as well as giving your skin a healthyradiant glow! These gloves are one size fits most and come in a pack of two pairs.

EXFOLIATING FOR HEALTHY SKIN: These wonderful exfoliating gloves gently slough away dead skin cells. You can use the exact right amount of pressure. Your skin will be healthier and have improved circulation!
BRIGHTER SKIN: Gentle exfoliation improves not only skin healthbut also renews appearance of skin. The gloves will help your skin appear more radiant as you remove impurities through daily care.
STRESS RELIEF: Exfoliation leaves skin feeling soft and invigoratedand you will feel relaxed and de-stressed after you use these gloves in the shower or bath.
WHOLE BODY: Natural Elements Exfoliating Gloves can be used on your whole body. What a great way to give you a rejuvenating at-home spa experience!
ONE SIZE FITS MOST: These gloves stretch to accommodate most hand sizes. They also come in a pack of two so you can use one while the other is in the wash!

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