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Heal Your Damaged Skin Naturally

Are you the type of person that matter how much water you drinkyou always feel like your mouth is dry and you are constantly licking your lips because they are dry

They split every time you smile or have tried everything but they seem to get worse and always having to keep apply the that waxy flavored crap.

We all know how annoyingpainful and embarrassing crackeddry lips can be. We feel your pain and understand about this unruly condition.

That's why we have created a formula that will healsoothmoisturize and repair damaged lips naturally.

Eferrvess-Repair Vitamin E Oilusing our unique roller ballapplies just the right amount to dry cracked lipsleaving your lips moist soft and smooth.

It can also be used around eyes to reduce fine lines and to cuticles of nail beds to heal and repair dry cracked skin. Vitamin E Oil is a natural antioxidant that restores the natural elastic properties of skin.


- Reduces Fine Lines Around Eyes
- Repairs And Reverses Scars
- Moisturizes Cuticles And Heals The Skin

- Natural Vitamin E
- Beautiful Roller Ball Application
- Fragrance Free
- No Chemical Preservatives
- Made In The USA
- Contains Sambucus Nigra Fruit

We guarantee you will love our Natural Vitamin E Oil that we back it with a 30 day money back guarantee!


Pure vitamin E oilSambucus Nigra Fruit Extract

Revlon Kiss Balm Sugar Plumperfect for the holiday season
Hydrating formula infused with natural fruit oils in sheerjuicy color
SPF 20 protection for plumpyouthful lips
Also available in 6 fruitycoordinated colors

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