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DYNOFITT jaw exerciser is for everyonewhether you're beginner or advanced in fitness and health.Our jaw exerciser is used to create a more muscularyouthful appearance and not to mention it's the hands-free workout that anyone can dowhether you're sitting at home watching tvwalking the dogor out running errands- it is accessible anytimeanywhere! Using the DYNOFITT jaw exerciser will give you amazing results with consistent 20 minutes of use a day and will give you that chiseled jaw you've been wanting- and not to mentionit helps get rid of that stubborn excess skin under your chin. This unique and extraordinary piece of equipment is taking the internet by stormbecause you can simply relax and sit back as you exercise the 57+ muscles in your face and neck.


Our logo is the hieroglyphic for transcend- which mean to go ABOVE or BEYOND.Our company believes that we should all be going above or beyond fitness and taking our health to the next level.Hence the name "dyno"fittwe are as detailed orientated as possible. Using DYNOFITT's Jaw Exerciser you will notice significant change in the most detailed areas of your face. DYNOFITT Jaw Exercisers were developed to make you feel ascetically confident.


  • Strengthens your jaw by targeting the masseter muscle and over 50 other muscle groups in your face and neck.
  • Tightens muscles in the faceso it will slim and tone your jawlinechin& neck while improving full functionality of the mouth.
  • Promotes fat loss in the face and chin through increased metabolism and circulationand reduces cravings.
  • Reduces stress and relieves tension from the head and neck area
  • Increases blood circulation in the surrounding skinstimulating collagen and elastin production to make you look younger.
  • Hands-free and sweat-free workout that you can do anywhere

Commit to being fit with DYNOFITT!

Facial Exerciser Level 1- Beginner

GRAY- Beginner 20lbs

All 3 are recommended for those who have little to no experience with jaw resistance training. We believe your jaw doesn't need muchespecially when starting out. For those wanting a more casual approach to defining and strengthening their jawor for those who are simply looking for a hands-free way of reducing stress and cravingsthese 22lbs resistance jaw exercisers are the way to go!

RED- Beginner 20lbs

Fit & Size: Larger than tablet jaw exercisers butsmaller than standard modelsthese jaw exercisers allow you to exercise your jaw's full range of motionpreventing discomfort in your jaw and disorder of the TMJ.

BLUE- Beginner 20lbs

Quality: Made with BPA-free100% purehigh quality food-grade silicone. Our jaw exerciser is soft and durablenot hard and dense compared to other jaw exercisers. Not to mentionDYNOFITT will be coming out with higher resistances!


  1. Put DYNOFITT product with biting strips in hot water for 2 minutes to sanitizeS
  2. et aside to cool for at least 15-20 seconds before useP
  3. ut necklace through jaw exerciser and place around your neck
  4. Place teeth on clear biting strips to start exercising your jaw OR you can even remove the biting strips if more comfortable!
  5. Bite down repetitively to train the 57+ muscles in your face and neckA
  6. fter workoutwash again in hot water for 1 minute and store in its container

  • When you purchase DYNOFITT Jaw Exerciser you will get:

  1. 1 x Jaw Exerciser Facial Fat Burner Ball
  2. 1 x Storage Container
  3. 1 x Necklace

SlimToneand Tighten Your Face and Neck
ConvenientHands-Free Workout- Keep With You to Use on the GoAt HomeRunning ErrandsAt WorkWherever
Look Younger and Healthier by Enhancing Your Jawline
Reduce Cravings- Chewing Has Been Shown to Decrease CravingsUltimately Leading to Weight Loss
100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTY - Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. You are backed by Our 30 DaysNo HassleNo Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee. So wait no more and BUY IT NOW!! It is RISK-FREE!!

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