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Product name: Nozzle steaming machine

Rated voltage: 100V-240V

Rated power: 280W

Steam duration: 12 minutes

Steam temperature: about 40 Easy to carryPP materialsafermore environmentally friendlyno odordurableclean pores and dirtLida spray three-dimensional moisturizingskin is not "thirsty"moisturize the bottom of the skin anytimeanywhereallowing you to maintain youthful skin.
The output of the fine nano ionized water mist can raise the temperature and reach the foundation layer to protect dry skin from rapid absorption and moisturize more evenly. Nano water molecules penetrate the skin surface to fully hydrate and nourish the cells.
Care for each type of skin carefullyUsing physical principlesnanotechnology converts water into high-temperature nano-water particles. The delicate water particles reach the bottom of the skin directlyreplenishing moisture quickly.
Huge hot mist and powerful nano steamnano ion steam face evaporator can quickly produce huge and constant spray. To ensure that the steam is cleanpure and reaches the skin most effectively.
It has versatility It can be used as a direct skin care toolor just use the steamer as an indoor humidifier to increase humidityso that it can provide more blood to the human body. Using this steamer before going to bed will make you feel more relaxed. Sleep better

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