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"The Secret to HealthyBeautiful Skin"

Do you want to have healthysmoothflawless and beautiful skin

Wholesome Beauty's Dry Skin Brush is your solution! It is the best dry skin brush out there. We guarantee it and so do our customers.


* Smoother skin - Use the dry skin brush and feel your skin getting softer and smoother
* Exfoliates - removes dead dry skinimproving appearanceclearing your clogged poresand allowing your skin to "breathe."
* Reduce Cellulite - softens hard fat deposits below the skin while distributing fat deposits more evenly to diminish the appearance of cellulite.
* Stimulate Your Lymphatic System- Helps release toxins and stimulates lymphatic System.
* Increase Circulation - Increases circulation to your skin and helps eliminate metabolic waste.
* Warning: Many people become "addicted" to dry skin brushing (in a good way) because it simply feels so good. Along with glowing and tighter skinregular dry skin brushers report feeling invigorated after a quick session.

Wholesome Beauty Dry Skin Brush features:
* Made with natural bristles of the finest grade
* High Quality wood handle
* Travel Pouch included
* Stick-on hook included

Wholesome Beauty Dry Skin brush is the ONLY brush backed by a No-Hassle Money-Back Guarantee to ensure 100% Satisfaction.

So what are you waiting for Click on the Buy button to order your brush now.

ADJUSTABLE STRAP - The adjustable unique strap will prevent your brush from slipping while dry brushing. It will adjust to snugly fit on hands of all sizes be it large or small. The strap also enables you to have a firmer grip on the brush to make dry brushing a more affective and easier experience.
HIGHEST QUALITY - Unlike other brushes Wholesome Beauty's brush is made of the highest quality materials only; The handle is made of smooth polished wood and the 100% Natural Bristles are of the finest grade
HOOK & TRAVEL BAG INCLUDED - We include a hook and travel bag with each brush for easy and convenient storage and travel
GREAT RESULTS - Our brush has shown great results for the skin's health and beauty when dry brushing; Benefits include: cellulite appearance reduction smoother glowing skinimproves blood circulationshed dead skineliminates clogged pores for better nutrients absorbing
NO RISK - Wholesome Beauty offers a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE to ensure complete satisfaction - DIMENSIONS- 4 7/8 inches height and 2 1/2 inches width

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