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At night our skin regenerates and rejuvenates itselfproducing more collagen and growth hormone and less skin-harming Cortisolwhich is why sleep is a vital part of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. The potent NIGHT SERUM boosts this nightly renewal process.

Cotton Thistle Extract is a nourishinganti-aging compound that helps to improve skin quality
Cassia Alata Extract supports the skin The anti-oxidative properties of Senna Alata Extract aids the skin's own protection against UV-light damagewhile Poria Cocos works to balance the neuropeptides responsible for irritation and provides astringenttoningand calming properties.
Beta-Glucan calms the skin and reduces redness while antioxidant and anti-aging powerhouse Purslane provides both oxidation and irritation protection. Cotton Thistle Extract is added to further counteract dryness and stressed skin.
High dosemolecularly balanced Hyaluronic Acid works throughout the night to replenish moisture reservoirs at multiple skin layers by binding up to 1,000 times its weight in water.
In the eveningapply a pipette length to the palm of your hand and spread over your face. When the Night Serum is absorbedapply Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream. The serum is suitable for all skin types.
Dr. Sturm Says - "Sleep is the time for the skin's renaissance. I invented Night Serum to support the body's essential natural repair processes while we sleep. Wake with freshersmoother and healthier-looking skin."

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