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EXFOLIATING HELPS TO STIMULATE BLOOD FLOW- carrying it closer to the surface of the skingiving you a healthy radiant glow. The increase in blood flow translates into the growth of collagen. As you matureyour skin progressively becoming roughercausing a build-up of multiple layers of dead skin cells. Exfoliating your helps your skin to retain its healthy glow helping reduce the signs of ageingYour complexion transforms from rough and dull to soft and glowing.

DO YOU KNOW THAT EXFOLIATING HELPS THE REDUCTION OF CELLULITE- Yes! Cellulite is nothing more than an accumulation of fat cells. It is challenging for these cells to be eliminated by the body. Exfoliating helps to stimulate the skin minimising the existence of fat cells.

EXFOLIATING ALSO HELPS TO REDUCE STRESS- It is very beneficial for those who suffer from sore and stiff necksbacks and shoulders the blood flow increases in these areasstimulating the nerve endings.

The Scrubber

Ergonomic design.

100% Food-grade silicone. Easy to clean and dry.

Dual sides with different scrubbing texture pads-silicon brush bristles to cleanse and nubby side for massage.

The Gloves

100% Nylon seamless knittedfive fingers style.

One size adult fit for almost size handsMen and Women.

Elastic wrist ensures a secure fit; the five fingers style prevent the glove falls off from handsthe mitten style will doas the glove become quite slippery when scrubbing with bulbscomfortable fit.

Easy to cleanand dry.

Ambidextrous /reversible styleboth for right or left handseamless knitted comfortable to wear.

IMAGINE GETTING TO THOSE HARD TO REACH AREAS WITH DOCFLY SCRUBBER WITH HANDLES- The silicon back scrubber has been manufactured and designed to replace traditional brushes or sponges. It has handles on both sides; silicone has a telescopic functionmaking it easier to scrub the back and hard to reach places. The dimensions are 27.56 inches in length and 4.33 inches in width.
THE DESIGN PURPOSE -Dual sides with different scrubbing texture pads: on one side silicone bristles good exfoliating without being too rough while the other side is for soft and comfortable massageand promoting blood circulation. Will not damage the skinsuitable for adultschildrenand elderly.
SILICON MATERIAL 100% siliconeresistance to dustdurableimpermeableeasy to clean and more hygienic than an average towel or loofahit dries quick. Lather up with your favourite scrubsoap or body gel on the silicone scrubber and move it across the back in both directions efficiently and effectively.
THE GLOVES -MODERATE 100% Nylon fiber stretch flexible materialmachine washable with a hanging loop for fast-drying.

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