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Ready to save your teeth with healthy gums AND have the best of physical health

If you wish to have healthier gumsthen START with your toothpaste to interrupt the formation of plaque and bacteria around the teeth and gums!! We call it our Healthy Gums Recipe. Healthy gums keep your teeth healthystrong and white.

Many tubes of toothpaste contain hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth. Did you know that hydrogen peroxide should never be used if you have amalgam fillings Studies show it breaks down the silver and can leach mercury into your body.

Our toothpaste uses natural ingredients to reduce rednessswellingand bleeding of the gums. Our nurse-formulated Healthy Gums Recipe interrupts the formation of plaque and bacteria around the teeth and gums every 24 hours before they get a chance to populate the mouth. With its useyou can get a fresh start with your gums and teeth and head off the disease process from doing further damage.

Dirty Mouth Toothpaste (safe if you still have mercury amalgam fillings) creates an environment in and around your teeth in which the harmful bacteria can NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Natural alkalizingremineralizing toothpaste to naturally whitenstrengthen and restore enamel. Cleanses mouth tissues for cleaner teeth. Great for sensitive teeth and gums
PROTECTS TEETH - Destroys plaque and fights bacteria. Eliminates undesirable microorganisms in the mouth and fights bad breath while keeping your good bacteria and probiotics safe and protective of your teeth and gums
SAFE & SUSTAINABLE - Eco-friendly packaging: glass container prevents leaching of toxins from plastic tubes
NO BAD STUFF - Contains absolutely no chemicalsglycerinfluorideartificial flavorsugar or colordyesphthalatesparabens or sodium lauryl sulfate
GREAT TASTING - Tastes great and loved by picky kids and moms!! Dirty Mouth Toothpaste comes in three flavorsPeppermintBlack Spearmint (with activated charcoal) and Bubblegum (kid-favorite)

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