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At DermOrganic we believe the ingredients we don LIGHTWEIGHT BUT DEFINING: A lightweight style enhancer that provides definition to curls and spring to their bounce. Separatescontrols frizznourishes and maintains irresistibly smoothdynamic hair styles.
SAVE YOUR COLOR: Anti-fade extracts naturally keep your salon-status color from fadingwhile innovativeeasy-to-use whip defines and boosts bounce and brilliance without the stickiness or tackiness of most other styling products. Separates strands for that chunkypiece-y look.
PROTECT AND NOURISH: Organic Argan oil protects from harsh elements to make hair soft and silky with natural shine. Heat protection elementsplus 3 sun-safe UV inhibitors to keep damaging rays from fading your color. Omega-6LipidsVitamin E and Natural Moisture Factors work to enhance the health and appearance of hair.
SAFENATURAL AND KIND: Gluten-freeParaben-freePhthalate-freeSulfate-freePPG/PEG-freeMEA/DEA-free

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