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The Sanitizer Company TWO Apres Toprosan Vegan Organic Shea Butter Moisturizer Hand & Body Lotion Cream + ONE 4 oz Bottle Toprosan Unscented Carbon Neutral Liquid Hand Cleaner + ONE 10 ml Bottle Plant Based Essential Vanilla Scented Oil (4 Piece Set Bundle). Create your own signature scented hand cleaner by adding a few drops of the best smelling scented oil to the unscented liquid. Alcohol based hand cleaner protects and can leave skin feeling dry. Apres Toprosan with Shea Butter is specially formulated moisturizing lotion for dry skin. It leaves dry skin feeling nourished and soft. We use it after soap and water washingafter using alcohol sanitizer and at bedtime. Toprosan Moisture Lotion is a dry skin fixer!




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