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A distinctive combination of bright cardamomdry papyrusand aromatic Palo Santo. Legendary quality and our most sophisticated scents - that's what Cremo Reserve Collection Is all about. Our richlathering Body Wash is designed to cleanse skin and provide perfectly balanced moisture. Andour distinctive Palo Sant scent - uniquely layered to evolve as you wash - ensures a shower experience sure to get you singing.

Premium Palo Santo Scent with notes of Bright CardamonDry Papyrus and Aromatic Palo Santo
Cremo All Season Body Wash fragrances are layered and complexso they evolve as you showerrevealing the richness and depth of the topmiddle and base notes
Cremo All Season Body Wash contains marula oil to deliver a "just right" balanced formula so you'll feel thoroughly moisturizedwithout that heavy waxy feeling - perfect in any season

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