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Dental Oral Irrigator for Teeth/Braces6 Modes with DIY Mode,5 Replaceable Water Jet Tips 300 Milliliter Capacity Electric Water Dental Flosser

Warm tips:

Changing new nozzles every 3 month is healthier.

If there is no water coming outplease check if the rubber plug in the tank is in the right direction.

Could be filled with warm water or add mouthwash (cold or too hot water can be painful on sensitive teeth)

Soft mode would be recommended for first-time users or sensitive teeth. After adapting to ityou can use the other mode.

When the water current and your gum are at a 90 degree angleslightly close your lips to avoid the water spraying outthen let the water flow into the sink from the corner of your mouth.

It is not recommended to use corrosive liquids to clean the water tank.

If you need to cleanplease take the correct way to remove the water tank and wipe it with alcohol or water.

After usingit is best to keep the water tank dry for healthier.

Clean Teeth DeeplyWhiten Teeth Powerful and Improve Gum Health: oral irrigator improves gum health up to 60% compared with toothbrushtoothpick or floss which can

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