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It's time to lather up! A gentle shower treatment enrichedwith olive oil,with an invigorating scent ofsparkling citrus fruits. Formulated without sulfatesits gentle cleansing base of natural origin transforms into a rich foameasy to rinse. It washes the skin without drying itand its sparkling fragrance with citrus notes awakens your senses and leaves a delicately scented trail on your skin. And because we take care of you and natural resourcesour shower gel is biodegradable according to the OECD 302B standard and its bottle is in recyclable plastic. We know vegetable oils better than anyone. This is why our shower treatment contains olive oil and coconut oil for a gentle wash. Its biodegradable formula is manufactured in the heart of Provence and is composed of at least 96% of ingredients of natural origin. Solar and joyfulthis fragrance with sparkling citrus notes is a real breath of optimism.


olive oil

USES Natural liquid shower gel and body wash
SIZE 16.7 Fl Oz Plastic bottle (pump dispenser); AUTHENTIC Enriched with French olive oil
FRAGRANCE A subtle fragrance of sparkling citrus imagined in grasse
PREMIUM BLEND Naturally derivedmild cleansing base; RICH LATHER Gently cleansesrinses easily and doesn't dry skin
SUSTAINABLE Gel is biodegradable and bottle is made from recycled plastic

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