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Pour a packet scrub onto hands or sponge.

Apply on body from neck down rubbing in circular motions. Rinse off with warm water. Use as often as necessary to desired softness.

As your skin becomes more moisturized and cleanyour acne will also begin to diminish. Reduce visible signs of skin irritation while replenishing your skin with nutrient-rich ingredients.


coconut oil

COMBAT CELLULITE NATURALLY: Our Coffee Body ScrubFacial ScrubHand Scruband Foot Scrub is great for reducing the appearance of cellulite! Massage our anti cellulite coffee body scrub onto any problem area. It may help reduce the appearance of cellulite. We combine the best quality coffee grounds with moisturizingskin-soothing coconut oil and coffea Arabica for an extra exfoliating and moisturizing kick. Use for a better experience than any cellulite cream or cellulite removal cream.
100% NATURAL ARABICA COFFEE BODY SCRUBFACIAL SCRUBHAND SCRUB& FOOT SCRUB: Our Coffee Body Scrub is using only the highest quality ingredients. It does not contain alcoholparabensor sulfates. It is All-NaturalNOT TESTED ON ANIMALS and Cruelty Free.
EASY APPLICATIONFRESH POUCH: Avoid excess moisture and bacteria entering your scrubwith this squeezable pouch for easy applicationKeeping it fresh.
REDUCES SIGNS OF AGING SKIN: This Body Scrub & Face Scrub Exfoliator and Moisturizer can help with aging skin! Our exfoliating and moisturizing Body Scrub is loaded with antioxidantswhich help fight the appearance of premature skin aging like wrinklessun spotsand fine lines. The caffeine restricts blood vesselswhich reduces swelling and inflammation.
VERSATILE SKIN CARE FULL BODY SCRUB: This extremely versatile exfoliating and moisturizing scrub can be used as a face scrublip scrubbody scrubhand scrubfoot scruband more! Use everywhere on your body to keep your skin smooth and clear!

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