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CleanSmart is a revolutionary skin cleanser that's naturally moisturizing. It won ALCOHOL-FREE HAND CLEANSER: CleanSmart Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser is a no-rinsealcohol-free hand cleanser that helps protect from germs and dirt without irritating sensitive skin or eczema
FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: If you or your child has sensitive skineczemaor prone to rashesCleanSmart Antimicrobial is a great choiceas it removes microorganisms & bacteria without irritating skin
SIMPLE INGREDIENTSSMART SCIENCE: With simple ingredients& without alcoholsteroids or irritants often found in skin cleansersthis kid-friendly cleanser won't irritate eczema or sensitive skin
HYPOCHLOROUS ACID TECHNOLOGY: Hypochlorous has been used in medical fields for disinfecting for years & is baby & pet friendly. Called nature's germ killerit's made from 100% natural ingredients
SKIN-FRIENDLY SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Send in backpack as alternative to alcohol-based sanitizer. CleanSmart won't sting or burn sensitive skin. Try as alternative to Purell

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