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Organic Certifying body: Control Union Certifications B.V.; certificate number: CU1003492OCS-2021-00051740; certification valid dates: 05/28/2021 - 03/02/2022

Foot Smoother:Let your feet feel smooth and rejuvenated; This foot smoother is designed to clean like a sponge and smooth like a pumice stone; This foot buffer helps polish and refresh rough heels
Benefits of Using Foot Pumice Sponge:Refresh and exfoliate your feet with this foot pumice sponge; Gentler than a pumice stonethis pumice sponge goes deep to get rid of dead skin cells and other impurities
How To Use: Wet the sponge and scrub every part of your footincluding your toesto help remove the dead skin and restore smoothness;Unlike a traditional spongethis Pumice Sponge is for after the shower
Nice And Clean: The clean fiber technology on our products help prevent the spread of odor-causing substances; Cleanlogic uses a unique and exclusive blend of exfoliating materials for a long-lasting smoothand clean feeling all over
A Better Clean For All: Our priority at Cleanlogic is to offer high-quality bath brushesexfoliating towels and other sustainable bath products that help rejuvenate your skin

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