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Organic Certifying body: Control Union Certifications B.V.; certificate number: CU1003492OCS-2021-00051740; certification valid dates: 05/28/2021 - 03/02/2022

Sea Sponge: Cleanse and exfoliate your skin with our foam sea sponge for the an ultimate clean feeling. The textured sea sponge material creates full and rich lather that deeply revives dulldry skin
Even Exfoliation: This ultra softabsorbent sponge ensures a smootheven exfoliating experience. Removes impurities and restores skin's natural glow while stimulating circulation. Shaped for easy hand grip
Bath And Body Care: Get clean and refreshed with Cleanlogic's selection of soapsshampoosconditionersbath accessorieseye masksshower capsspongesbrushes and scrubbers
Braille Packaging: Committed to incorporating functional Braille on its packaging where possibleCleanlogic aims to help blind and visually impaired individuals lead a more independent life

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