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USDA Certified Organic Sweet Almond Oil 16 ozby Mary Tylor Naturals:

Size: 16 oz

Botanical Name: Prunus dulcis

Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed.

Premium GradeCold Pressed100% PureAmazing Moisturizer for Skin

Expiration Date: 12 months from purchase.



USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC SWEET ALMOND OIL: Cold Pressed and Sourced From Organic Artisan Farmers.
HEALTH FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Even Sensitive Skin. It Has No AdditivesFillers and Chemicals. BPA Free Bottle.
NUTRIEN RICH: Sweet Almond Oil Is Rich in Vitamins ABDand EAntioxidantsEssential Fatty AcidsProteins for a Softer Skin and Hair.
ENJOY the benefits of USDA Certification Seal of Approval Knowing That you are Getting a Real Organic Sweet Almond Oil.
Our Sweet Almond Oil is a Natural Makeup Remover and is the Ideal Carrier Oil for all your Aromatherapy and DIY Needs

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