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This Gua Sha Board will meet your expectations.The selected Gua sha board is an authentic material of Xuan Huang Bianstonethe place of origin is Sishui County of ShandongChina. This Stone Needle contains beneficial to human body trace elements and rare earth. It has the proper effect for treating pain. Rigorous production process - Pure hand-polishedwhich from the original stone - cutting - sketch - carved (jade carving techniques) - fine grinding MATERIAL-- Made from non -renewable limited Stone Needle. Its exclusive place of origin is Sishui County in East China.
2100% HAND -MADE AND POLISHED -- Rounded edges from the hand polishing by experienced craftsmen. Smooth edges and a thin edge are more conducive to scraping the skinand improving muscle flexibility.
SPECIAL EFFECTS OF STONE NEEDLE - Stone Needle is the main component of limestone microcrystallineStrontiumtitaniumchromiummanganesezincand other 30 species of rare earth and trace elements beneficial to human body. It helps the body absorb these trace elements by prolonged exposure and promotes blood-circulation.
A Great gift- Give that special someone a gift of love and self-care. The 100% real natural rose quartz roller and super soft silicone face cleanser come in a beautifully designed package. Women will love it! (momgrandma wifedaughtersister

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