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1. Restore the elasticity of buttocksrelieve back painshape the buttocksand improve lipid metabolism.
2. Tighten the buttocks Concentrate the scattered fat on the buttocks to make the buttocks fuller.
3. Lift and improve sagging buttocksrestore original tendonsand maintain skin vitality.
4. Remove buttocks acneeczemadullness and drynessand brighten skin tone.
5. Whitening and moisturizingfirming buttocks skinmaking it soft and smooth.

Item Type: Buttocks Firming Cream
Purpose: Liftingplumping buttocks
Net Content: 100ml

Package List:
1 x Buttocks Firming Cream



Easy to Absorb and Not Greasybuttocks enhancement cream suitable for all women who dream of beautiful buttocks.Improve flabbysagging and flat buttock. Liftingtighten and firming the sagging hip. Improve the dryrough and dull skin of the buttocks.
Improve Rough SkinThis buttock enhancement cream can improve sagging and straight hips. It also smoothens your skin and stretches lines that shape your bum as a whole. Made from natural herbal plant extract that helps you not only to enlarge your buttocks and hipsbut also to lift them round and very soft. The cream helps you activate fat and produce fat cells.
Plant ExtractMake your hips plump and firm. Use natural plant extracts to effectively remove melanin from your hips and raise your hips to make your hips firmelastictender and smooth. This is the ginger hot version of this product so you will feel a slight heat after applying itindicating good absorption and effective penetration.
UsageMassage your buttocks gently twice a dayavoiding washing off the cream for best results. Tapping is required to push the buttocks up and down from the outer to the inner flank. Please repeat this 50 times. It can also be used as a massage oil.For best resultsapply twice a day and massage in well until absorbed.
Suitable for All Skin TypesStabilize and strengthen your hipsButtocks Enhancement Cream makes the skin of the hips firm and smooth. Effectively make your hips bigger and fullerand make your hips natural and attractive. Enhance flabbyflabby and flat buttockget a firm buttocks.It can be used by both men and women.

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