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Butt Enhancement Cream100g / 3.5oz

Pure Natural Ingredients

AngelicaEvening primroseCentellaCollagen PeptideShea butterSoy proteinVitamin EChamomile extract

Natural herbal ingredientsnot greasymild and safe formulasuper penetrationeasy to absorbquickly activation of fat cells.

A variety of plant nourishing essence nourishes muscle cells and promotes the growth of buttock muscles.

Make Your Hip More Tight and Elastic

Improve buttocks relaxationsaggingflat and other issuesboasting beautiful and rounded hipenhancing women charmand improving temperament.

Combined with the massage techniquethe four scattered fats are concentrated on the buttocksand the hip line is lifted to improve the originally loose and sagging hipsand the original tendon is restored

Significant Effect

Hip-up Massage Cream keeps your butt looking tight and taunt all the timewithout any uncomfortable butt lifter panties or butt pads.

Tighten hip muscleseffectively shapes the hip curvemake you more confident and beautiful.

How to use it

1.Open the tube and dispense the right amount of cream.

2.Spread the cream over your booty area. Massage it upwardsdownwardsand sideways for a few minutes.

3.Continue massaging with the cream in a circular motion.

Warm tips for better results

Twice a day(morning and night)

Exercises will help increase the result

Your satisfaction is our top priority

Let's be honest... As you can see in some reviews belowButt Enhancement Cream doesn't work for everyone. But your satisfaction is our top priorityso if you're not happy with the results of our product we don't want your money! Simply send us a message and we will take care from there


Angelica,Evening primrose ,Centella ,Collagen Peptide,Shea butter ,Soy protein,Vitamin E,Chamomile extraxt

IMPROVE YOUR HIP AND BUTT SHAPEBring back youthfulness and confidence with our butt enhancement cream. It helps reduce cellulite and tightens the skin around the butt area to fight the effects of gravityallowing the highlight and definition of the shape of the hips. Say goodbye to the flabby buttocks and improve hip relaxation.
MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTSButt enhancement cream is base on plant formulanourishes muscle cellsand promotes the growth of buttock muscles. The ginseng ingredients enhance skin cell surface activity and restrain aging. Collagen that restores plumpness of the butt and helps firm the skin to reduce sagginess. Other plant extracts also encourage swift cell regeneration for faster metabolism and growth of butt muscles. Guaranteed safe to use.
MORE BENIFITSNot only will our cream help restore the shape of buttsit also helps muscle soreness relief after a long day of sitting. Our butt cream improves moisture retention of the skin in the buttocks and hip area for a smoother skin surface that glows from the inside out.
SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPEOur butt enhancement cream is compatible to use with different skin types. It is also available for men's and women

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