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Specific functions:

1. Strengthen that breast area and eliminate fat to get a better body shape.

2. Tighten the shape to eliminate edema and maintain skin elasticity.

3. No need to do a lot of exercisesaving time and energy.

The main parameters:

Product size: 10.5x3cm

Volume: 30ml

Packing list:

2PCS x 30ml anti-cellulite spray


1.Due to manual measurementplease allow an error of 0-1cm. Please make sure you don REDUCE MALE BREASTS: effectively reduce the breast area. The chest area may be the hardest part to exercisebut this melting spray will help and help you with the hard work.
TIGHTEN THE FIGURE: It will not harm your skin. Helps eliminate body fat while tightening those skins without having to do a lot of exercisesaving time and energy.
QUICK RESULTS: Remove excess cellulite and adipose tissue in the body for shaping. There is no need to wait for a long timeyou can get obvious results in just 7 days.
ENHANCE CONFIDENCE: gain more confidence through a strong physique. Shape your body into an ideal figure that looks tough and strong. Avoid the embarrassing and wet appearance of male chests and make them strong.
SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT: simple and convenient operation for your use. The texture is fresh and transparentjust a light sprayand massage your body until it is completely absorbedyou can shape the perfect body curve.

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