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Description: 1. Contains plant extracts to replenish the skin of the buttocks with moisturegentle and moisturizingand lifting butt. 2. Our Booty Lift Pro Shaping Patch Set gives you an instant lifting with anti-sagging effectas well as to improve other butt problems like flatnessroughness and cellulite. 3. Simply apply the patch to improve skin elasticity with deep moisturizingto give you the look of smoother and firmer butt. 4. Makes butt enlargedupliftedbouncier. 5. Hypoallergenicsafe for all skin types. Features: 1. Lift and fix your hipstighten sagging buttocks in minuteseliminate stubborn fatmoisturize your skinand create a youthful look. 2. Regular use can promote collagen renewal. 3. Quickly absorb organic ingredients. Safe and skin-friendly ecification: Type: Butt lifting patch Content: 60g 1Set 4Pcs Butt lifting patch Products include: 1/2/3/4 Set 12Pcs Butt lifting patch

Lift & Firm Your Booty:Lift naturallyfirm and shape round hipseliminate sagging caused by agingbad lifestyleorange peel and flat feeling. Booty Lift Pro Shaping Patch Set.
Make your butt look awesome in a bikini. Re-shape the contours of the buttocks area while restoring firmnesssuppleness and bounce for a visually more sculpted tush.
Rich in Plant Extracts: Deeply infused with nutritious and abundant nutrientseffectively and safely improve the firmness and contour of the buttocks. Moisturize the skin and make the skin youthful. Regular use can stimulate collagen renewal. Quickly absorb organic formula.
Moisturize Skin For Youthful Appearance: Pro Butt-lift Shaping Patch Set the patch effectively and safely enhances tightness and contour of your butt by infusing skin plumping nutrients deeply.
Instructions For Use:Clean and thoroughly dry your buttPeel off the plastic liner and apply the patch on butt. Let the patch stay for 15-30 mins. Remove the mask and gently massage the essence left until fully absorbed.

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