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Apply in Minutes

Apply the Detox Clay & Wrap to your stomacharmsthighslegscalvesand back.


Wait for 1 Hour

Made with premium ingredients to help extract the toxins from your fat cells and shrink the appearance stretch marks and cellulite.


Start Experiencing the Benefits

Discover the healing benefits. Pair your body wraps with an all- natural diet and start experiencing the results!

Made with 100% Natural & Powerful Ingredients such as:

Bentonite Clay

There are a number of benefits of bentonite clay. It is well known for its skin rejuvenation and skin healing properties. This clay is highly effective in getting rid of various skin irritations including signs of premature ageingsunburns as well as insect bites. It helps in healing rashes by drawing out skin infections.

Kaolin Clay

Since it has detoxifying effectskaolin clay sucks out impurities such as grimedirtpollution and germs from the pores. This cleanses out the pores and prevents them from clogging up and causing breakouts. Kaolin clay is good for treating red blotchy painful and pus filled acne.

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

Aloe Verawhen formulated into a properly designed personal care regimencan treatexfoliaterestorereveal and provide constantimpressive nutrition to the human skin.


Natural & Safe:

  • All- Natural Ingredients
  • For ALL Skin Types
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • NON- GMO
  • Includes all you need:1 tube of Detox Clay enough for 8 Applications. 1 Tube of multi-use Thermo Plastic Wrap.


    Our Body wraps help restore your skin GET RID OF BELLY INCHES THE SAFE AND NATURAL WAY - Our spa grade clay body wrap uses volcanic ash bentonite to eliminate toxinsflush fluidsand remove impurities. This reduces water retention from your system and acts as a natural anti-cellulite toning treatment. This means you can sculpt forever with no harsh chemicals to irritate the skin!
    IT WORKS CRAZY FAST - our slimming skinny wrap really helps promote firmersmoother skin; boost skin firmnesstighten loose skinand better diminish the appearance of cellulitestretch marks and bloating around the midsection and love handles. This means visibleprofessional and quick lipo like results to contour both men and women.
    BREAKTHROUGH FORMULA - Voted the best cosmetic firming solution! Customer reviews report slimmer bodies - even postpartum or after a baby pregnancy. And can be used with any weight loss programproductssupplementsfat burnersdiet pillscreamsdrinksdead sea mudlotionsgelsbeltsmasks and more. WHAT THIS REALLY MEANS is that no matter how you use this thingyou can lose that plus size fasterand ditch the one-piece bodysuit for a bikini.
    THE PERFECT ULTIMATE BODY SCULPTING KIT - Start using right away on your stomacharmsthighslegscalvesbuttwaistchin and more! This complete quality pack includes everything you need to experience extreme wrapping results right away! Includes enough clay for 8 applications and a top rated thermoplastic wrap.
    RESULTS GUARANTEED - Lose at least 6 inches on your belly at home in your first 90 Days or get your Money Back! This means there is nothing to lose except inches! Don't settle for cheap herbalinfraredthermalor DIY homemade weightloss bodywraps that don't work. Try us and feel like an ultra Hollywood model - tonerslenderslim and more fit.

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