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  • It is widely used in domestic saunas and is useful for exfoliating regardless of age or gender.


For your skin

- Soaking your body in relaxing hot bath water for 5 to 10 minutes.

- Rinsing is essential thoroughly rinse the skin of all soapsbath foams and oilsbecause they can reduce the exfoliating action.

- The glove should only be used on wet skinnot under a stream of water.

- Gently remove grimy dirt off your skin with the scrubber gloves.

- Have a bath or shower after scrubbingmake your skin easier to clean and exfoliate.

  • Don't use the glove if you have skin problemsopen wounds or irritated skin.
  • We suggest that only one person use the glove.
  • Suggested exfoliation should be 2-3 times a week.
  • Made in Korea
    100% Viscose Material
    Way to use : make your body warm and Gently scrubremove bad things on your body
    Economical Packaging 3pcs/pack
    International size : 5.5 * 7nch (14 * 18cm) with mitten type designeasy to wear & use

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