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Prevent Face Wrinkles while you Sleep!

What this product is not:

  • a miracle in the box
  • a wrinkles eraser over the night
  • a permanent quick fix

Blumbody is all about loving yourself and looking at your skin with care. Our non-invasive Face Smoothing Patches focus on preventing and minimizing fine wrinkles in a non-invasive way by keeping the skin stretched and firm while retraining your face muscles. To see visiblelong-lasting resultsyou need to wear the patches nightly for at least one month (use one whole package).

  • Had enough of expensive cosmetics and procedures that imply harmful fillers
  • Sleep lines become more and more obvious as time passes by
  • Tired of looking grumpy and mad all the time

Non-Invasive Wrinkles Treatment: Each of the 160 wrinkle patches for face will give you silkysmoothfirm skinby reducing all fine lines and wrinkles. Treat facial wrinkles with the CLEAR noninvasive Blumbody facial patches. Hide your agenot your skin!
Prevent New Lines caused by facial expressionssun damagesleep or aging using the face wrinkle patches. Your stressful lifestyle makes it difficult for your skin to recuperate The anti wrinkle patches are targeting all your wrinkle-prone areasfrom those dreaded elevens to "crows feet" for a fast & visible effect.
Stop the Worrying: Do you furrow your brow when concentrating Do the wrinkles between your eyebrows deepen Avoid forehead wrinkles by using the forehead wrinkle remover while you work or sleepand watch how these facial patches for wrinkles help increase your emotional well-being!
Comfortable & Easy to Apply: Different from silicone patchesBlumbody face patches are thinner and clear making them invisible on your skin while staying on all night. Clean the skinplace the face wrinkle pads and forget that you are wearing them. Turn back the clock by starting a good habit of skincare with the wrinkle smoothing face patches.
45 Days Return Window: Blumbody is renowned for World Class customer servicethousands of happy customers with 100% Positive Seller Feedback on Amazon from over 1000 OUTSTANDING ratings. Because we trust the quality of our productsif something happens with your face smoothing patchesWE WILL CHANGE IT immediately without any costs or effort from your side.

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