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Remarkably cleanses and exfoliates dead skin cells than the regeneration processes of the skin cellsnormalize cellular metabolism and serve as an effective tool in the fight against aging skin. Clay blue Baikal makes skin firmervelvety to the touch. It smoothes fine linestones and effects that lasts a long time. Baikal blue clay - a natural remedy to preserve the natural beauty and youthful skin! It almost does not dry the skinbut if the skin is prone to drynessafter the mask is recommended to apply the cream or rub the face moisturizing tonic. How to use: Pour clay clean water and dilute to the consistency of thick cream. The mass should be uniform not be used in the preparation of metal ware. Apply a creamy mass on the skin for 15-20minthen rinse thoroughly.

Blue Anti-Aging Baikal Clay Powder Natural
High Purity for All Skin Types
Natural Source for Maintaining the Natural Beauty
Made in Russia

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