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This deep cleansing pore strips treatment specially designed to unclog pores and lift away unwanted blackheadsleaving your skin clear and smooth. You will feel a dramatic difference after just one useand continued use of deep cleansing nose strips works to tighten poreskeeping skin looking and feeling fresh.

How to use:

Step 1: Washing your face thoroughly.

Step 2: Thoroughly wet your nose. The strip won EASY TO USE: These blackhead removers are perfect for people who are looking for the simplest and fastest solution possible. The entire process of pasting a pore strip and clean the blackheads of the nose thoroughly can take as little as ten minutes!
POWERFUL DEEP CLEANSING: Deep cleansing pore strips aims at treating blackhead problemsremoving excess oilpurifying and deep cleansing the poresshrinking pores and leaving your skin reenergizedradiantand smooth.
EASY TO CARRY & AVOID DAMP: Blackhead remover strips each piece is individually packedconvenient to carry and avoid dampit to be stored conveniently in your handbag or travel bag to meet your anytime requirements.
DESIGNED FOR MEN: Our blackhead pore strips are slightly larger than most pore strips as this is designed for larger nosesthe wider area of coverage allows for more blackhead extraction! Thanks to its premium ingredientsthese nose strips are mild and hypoallergenic which suit all skin types. The pore strips gently exfoliate pore-clogging oil and dirttightening pores and enhancing skin's elasticityideal for men.
SAVE YOUR MONEY: The pore strips kit has 33 pieces of blackhead remover strips. With a recommended usage frequency of 1 times a weekthe 33 nose strips are enough for you to use for nearly half a yeargreat value for your money.

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