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BIMIX RF puffiness dark circles anti-age eye massager wand specializing in relieving eye fatigue,diminishing dark circlesremoving under eye
bags&puffinessreducing wrinkles and fine lnes etc. Also applicable for sensitive skincheeksforeheadlips and neck.

Under eye bags puffiness features:
1.RF technology: the RF waves penetrate deep into your skintriggers your skin's to produce elastin and collagen and eliminate under-eye bags & puffy eyesreduce fine lines and eye wrinkles.
2.24K gold plated lead-in head: Massage your eyescheeksforehead,and neck comfortably and safely.
3.No vibration:It doesn't vibratewhile it sends waves into your skin,tense under eye bags and warm your skin.

How to use dark circles remover correctly
Step1: After cleansingapply gel lotion or eye cream to 24K plated lead-in head
Step2:Long press the power button ,and place the lead-in headsliding back and forth
Step3:Massage every eye within 5 minutes.Use it 2-3 times a week.Do not massage the same part over 3 seconds.
Step4:After finishwipe RF head and storage it in pouch included

Warm tips on usage:
1.Press power button in 3 seconds to turn it on/offwhile set level in 1 second
2.Must apply conductive gel to ensure the device work normally before massaging.The more cream you apply,the stronger feeling you will have
(Conductive gel includes eye creamserum aloegel location etc )
3.Do not use it on the upper eyelids as it UPGRADED DARK CIRCLE PUFFY EYE REMOVER: Dark circles under eye treatment for women utilizes the RF anti-aging technology to massage and tighten under eyes to make under eye softer and smoother.A professional under eye concealer for dark circlesunder eye bagspuffy eyepuffinessfine line&wrinklesand eyefatigue under-eye skin problems. (Must enjoy BIMIX eye massager with eye creamserumaloe vera gelmoisturizeretc etc conductive RF gel).
PUFFY EYES TREATMENT INSTANT RESULT: Under eye bag removal with RF wave to relax under eye and revitalize dermisfurther promote surface eye cream absorbed maximumly to tighten saggy bag for under eye bag treatment instant and cumulative results. Visibly diminish puffiness and get refreshed half an hours and more noticeable results compared with manual massage in the next morning. Better results after routine eye cream/ eye mask care and under eye patches for dark circles and puffiness.
DARK CIRCLES WRINKLES REMOVAL: Dark circles remover with high frequency gently tense muscle under eye puffiness and wrinkles and constant 45

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