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Enjoy the new and innovative aromatherapy product with our all-natural aromatherapy roll-On. Relish the benefits of aromatherapy anytime and anywhere with this amazing collection! Our roll-on features finest quality 100% pure essential oils mixed with a soothing carrier oil basemaking it easier than ever to experience the benefits of nature when you want it most. Our blends are comfortingnotably upliftingand emits a natural scent with touches of woody and floral undertones.

The Essence of Nature in a Bottle is one of the guiding principles Sponix is embodying throughout its 20 years in the industry. We want to bring everyone closer to nature and its pureness at the comforts of your home. We believe that through natural productswe will be able to achieve a healthier and more rejuvenated life.

Sponix believes that to be able to serve our clients betterwe should only offer the bestthe highest qualityand the purest of products. This is why we find the best oils around the world. We studytest and try them ourselves to know how effective and potent they are. We use very high standards and guidelines in choosing our oils. We only offer the besttop qualityresponsibly-sourced essential oils.


lavender essential oil

Made from 100% all-natural ingredients
Our aromatherapy roll-ons are small and compactmaking it easy to carry around with you anytime and anywhere
Our formula is skin-safeso you can apply it on your body to feel and smell the soothing effects of nature
Made in the USA

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