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- 100% PETROLEUM FREE ALTERNATIVE - to the "Common" Petroleum Based ProductsBees'Oline was created to provide an All Natural alternative to the "common" household product that many people have in their homes today; which is a by-product of the Crude Oil process known to many as "Petroleum jelly".
THE HEALTHIER OPTION - By using Bees'Oline you can change HistoryNow your children can have a healthier staple in the home sourced from Natural Organic & NON GMO Oils and Butters to moisturize the whole bodyfor the WHOLE FAMILY. BONUS! Safe to be used around OXYGEN dependent homes.
REPLENISH- Your skin has many permeable (Allowing WaterLiquidsOils or Butters to go through) layers that Bees'Oline can easily penetrate without clogging pores in order to restore lost moisture.
PROTECTANT - We use Medical Grade Beeswax to serve as a thick but breathable layer to preserve moisture that can be easily lost from the surface of the skin through environmental exposures.
HYDRATION - Jojoba Butter is the STAR ingredient in this Original Bees'Oline Moisturizing Body Jelly because Jojoba oil is NON-COMEDOGENIC and Naturally structured like oils that come from our own skin ie: Sebum. We put a Healthy Serving of this Delightful Blend of Butter into our Product because we know your skin loves to DRINK IT UP!!

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