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Current ortho waxes use paraffin wax which is a by-product of petroleum. Paraffin wax is probably fine but we set out to find an alternative because we didn't want to think about petroleum in our mouths. When we couldn't find an alternative we decided to create one! As hobbyist beekeepersbeeswax was our obvious first choice to try to replace paraffin. We were delighted to find that it works great! It is flavorlesslong lastingand provides excellent braces coverage. Just because beeswax is flavorless doesn't mean your ortho wax needs to be! BWOW uses the natural sugar substitute Xylitol (found in many fruits and vegetables) which gives BWOW a subtle hint of sweetness while boosting dental health! BWOW comes in convenient single serving portions because pinching a little piece of wax off a strip is a pain. We always ended up with too much or too little. No more guess work! Finallywe don't want to contribute to filling up landfills so BWOW uses eco-friendly packaging. Handmadesmall batchartisanal ortho wax made with love!

100% All Natural Ingredients - contains Beeswax and Xylitol
Orthodontist Recommended
Xylitol is a natural sweetener that boosts dental health
Eco-Friendly Packaging
Manufactured in the USA

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