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3 In 1 Luxurious Gift Set - Men's Beard Grooming Kit with Full Equipment and Perfect Function
Our beard grooming kit gift box contains 30ml beard oilbeard roller and double-sided comb. New upgrade kit bringing you the most comprehensive beard care and glowing your masculine charm!


Promote beard growth and thickening
Our beard oil can activate hair folliclesmoisturize deeply and increase hair toughness and density. Used with rollersit can stimulate the production of elastin and collagenpromote the rapid absorption of nutrients and vitamins by the skin. Stimulate and grow beards fully!

Made from natural ingredients
The beard growth oil is safegentle and non-irritating. It can improve the elasticity and vitality of the skinwhile stimulating hair growthcreating a more attractive beard and mane for men.

Just stick to it and you will get the result you want
It is recommended to use 1-2 times a day. Remember to use the roller first and then apply the oil to nourish your beard. Use the two together for better results.

Carry them around when you travel
The beard grooming kit contains a storage bagwhich is made of reusable materials and is easy to clean. You can put the beard tool in a storage bag and take it with you when you travelwhich is very convenient.

1. Clean your beard roller head with alcohol
2. Clean your face
3. Use roller to roll 5-10 times on the target areas horizontallyvertically and diagonally with light pressure
4. Apply the oil and massage gentlywash the roller after use

Package List: Beard Oil 30ml x1Beard Roller x1Comb x1
Suitable Skin: For All Skin Types

Fully Functional AccessoriesOur beard grooming kit contains beard rollercomb and oil. The roller can help your skin absorb beard serum better and the use of beard roller with oil has a significant effect on the growth of beards
Beard OilThis beard growth oil has a refreshing texture and is easy to absorb. It can activate hair follicles and nourish beardwhich promote the re-growth and thickening of beard and body haircondition and protect your male mane & beard deeply
Nourishing and Natural IngredientsMade from natural ingredients which is safegentle and non-irritating. Its active ingredients can moisturize beardsstimulate hair roots and help men grow beards which get fullerhealthier and stronger masculine beard
Promote Hair GrowthThe oil of beard grooming kit isn

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