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Do you feel distressed every time you take a bath and cannot clean your back perfectly

Choose our back exfoliating scrub sponge loofah shower set for men and women.
We provide you with high-quality,comfortable and affordable household and bathroom products.

Can help you effectively remove dead skin from your body
Bathing gloves can be used on both sides. Both left and right hands can be worn.
They can deeply clean the dust on the body and feetclean the skin correctlyand help your skin breathe!
You don't need to go to the salon to take care of your body and save yourself money.

1. The loofah sponge has a tight structurewhich will produce a lot of soap bubbles for the best shower experience.
2. Bathing gloves
Elastic openingthe glove is opened with an elastic bandwhich makes the glove suitable for any size of hand
whether it is an adult or a child. The opening design on both sides can be used for both left and right hands.
3. The ultra-long double-sided exfoliating scrubber can easily reach the hard-to-reach places on the back.
It is very suitable for cleaning the backneckshouldersfeet and hard-to-reach areas.
The super soft cotton loofah part of the scrubber is perfect for dryrough skin.

The 3-piece bath set can effectively remove dust on the surface of the skin and wipe away excess oil from the pores.
Can promote blood circulationaccelerate metabolism and enhance immunity.
It has a good effect on skin diseases. Is the perfect bath accessory

Rope designyou can hang it on any hookhangeror nail to dry quickly.

Double-sided use: The extra-long 31-inch sponge loofah body scrubber can stretch it to scrub the hard-to-reach areaswhich means your back will get a deepersofter clean feeling and quick drying.
Exfoliating and rejuvenating skin: The double-sided scrubbing design of the loofah sponge pad can scrub your skin quickly and easily without damaging the skinpromoting blood circulationreducing stress and revitalizing your body.
Package content: It comes with a sponge loofaha bath glove and a back scrubber. It feels comfortable and can help you clean all parts of your body. Value-for-money three-piece suit to meet a variety of bath cleaning needs
Easy to use: just apply your favorite shower gel on the surface and rub it with your hands to form a rich foam. It can gently remove dirt and grease from the backneckshouldersfeetknees and hard-to-reach areasproviding you with a comfortable bathing experience and reducing your fatigue!
Satisfactory service: bathing glovesdesign of leaking fingers on both sidescan be used for both left and right handsshower loofahpull-back bath towel hanging knot design makes it easy to hang and dryreducing bacteria

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