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Material: Food grade silicone
Color: blue
Size: 68 * 11cm
Weight: about 190 grams
1. Made of high quality food grade silicone materialit is healthy and environmentally friendlycontains no harmful substancesis resistant to high temperatureis not easy to rotand is safe and durable.
2. Double-sided lineswith bump designcan effectively bring you a cleansing effect,Gently rubbing can help you create a lot of foam.
3. The brush surface is designed with a 1cm thick brush head to deepen the pores to clean dirt,Silicone wipes are drygreatly reducing the survival rate of bacteria.
Suitable for different groups of peoplesuch as childrenthe elderlymen and women.

SILICONE BODY BRUSH - Silicone Material is a Soft and Safe Material that can Help "Gently" Exfoliate and Massage Your Skin.
The silicone shower brush is composed of two sections with different thickness and the other side is an elliptical structureYou can scrub different parts of the body in the bath as needed.
IMPROVES SKIN TEXTURE - smoother skin is immediately noticeable after first useRepeated use continues to soften roughdry skin.
Can be use for hand face feet body cleanAids in healthy circulationfrequent use stimulates circulation by applying pressure to skin.
DURABLE: Machine washable and made to lastwill be there for your exfoliating needs even after many years and laundry cycles.

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